Friday, March 27, 2009

Just when I was getting a bit too cocky...

Well, it's been a whole month now and I'm still getting up to walk to every morning. If you've caught my blog in February you also know that these early AM walks include helping my oldest daughter deliver newspapers.

I have to say after a few weeks I was feeling like I was pretty hot stuff. My sleep cycle was adjusting so I wasn't completely exhausted every morning. The weather was generally pretty tolerable and I was getting rather adept at tossing those paper sticks on people's front porches. Oh, yes, I would trot - or rather walk briskly - down the block and deftly flick my wrist and the papers would land neatly on their porches and off I'd go with barely a hint of a pause between houses.

It's at this time that I would actually really start to wake up and realize that I had missed the porch and had to go retrieve the paper from the bushes or window well it had landed in. That wasn't as bad as the time my throw went completely wild and the paper landed on the roof. I was trying to imagine the look on the people's faces when I came back later in the day to tell them they might want to get the newspaper out of their gutter before it overflowed during a rain storm.

I then began wondering how honest I wanted to be about just how I knew said newspaper was in their rain-gutter. So, I ended up climbing up their front porch railing and precariously reaching up and flicking the paper out of their gutter and kicking it onto the porch. Thank God the railing was sturdy and I didn't fall and they didn't pick that moment to walk out of their front door to get their morning newspaper!! I did have to put up with a bit of harassment from my first-born, though, who had come back to check up on me when she realized she was finished on her side of the block and Mom was no where to be found.

As if the roof incident wasn't enough - our prayers for moisture were answered with a lovely spring snowstorm that dumped several inches overnight. After plowing throughing snowdrift after snow drift and retrieving several papers that simply slid from one side of a porch and off the other I was exhausted. And sore. And badly wanted a cup of coffee and a donut. No one volunteered to run out for donuts, though, so I settled for a warm cup of coffee, turned on my computer and was very excited to comes across a blog which offered an added incentive to keep getting up and plodding along in the mornings. 2nd Cup of Coffee is having "30 x5 for 2 Weeks." Check out the button below to visit the post which explains it.

And because I'm succeptable to subliminal suggestions - I'm going to go get a 2nd cup of coffee myself.

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