Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let the driveling begin...

I need to start adding pictures to my blog. And I need to keep reading other blogs to get ideas about what to write about and how to make mine more interesting - not to just to anyone who might happen to read it, but also to me. Sometimes I log on and have absolute writer's block - okay most times I log on, I feel that way, but I also am determined to keep writing SOMETHING whether anyone reads it or not.

I also need to use some of the other great blogs as motive to find ways to improve my own. Or simply let myself enjoy them rather than letting myself get jealous of them. Some people are really good at blogging on just about any topic and I let myself worry too much about wasting Internet space by filling it up with mindless drivel. Guess if all I have is mindless drivel to offer better start working on making it the best mindless drivel on the net!! There - that's a much more positive mindset.
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