Monday, March 30, 2009

One Cup of Coffee - was it too much to ask for?

Ever have one of those mornings where nothing seems to go as planned? I can already imagine many heads nodding in agreement. Truthfully they happen more often than I'd like to admit.

Just the other day I got up with my daughter to do my daily walk which includes helping her deliver newspapers and dragging our fat beagle along. When I first started this exercise program it was just too much for me to take to walk out the door and see her curled up all warm and comfy on her couch. No, this was just not right. If I couldn't be in my nice warm bed - neither could my dog!! Sorry - digression.

Back to the morning in question. I usually have my side of the street fairly well memorized as to who gets which paper, but on this morning I found myself at the end of the street with an extra paper in hand and for the life of me couldn't figure out who I'd missed. So, I had to backtrack and find the empty front porch.

Once I got home I generously offered to let my teenager have the first shower with a promise that there would be hot water left over for my turn. Then I plodded over to the coffee pot, started the coffee, and plodded back to my room. I looked at my nice warm bed and contemplated if I had enough time to lay down for a bit before the day really kicked in. A glance at my watch said no - not if I wanted time for a shower. So I sat down to check email and blogs and such while my dear daughter finished her shower.

A short time later I heard the shower squeak off and went in for my turn. What was I thinking to let my teenage daughter go first?!!! I sooooo knew better. My shower started off barely tepid and rapidly reached ice cold. Very, very quickly I was out, toweled off and putting on warm clothes. Good thing the teenager's room is in the basement or I might have said something I'd have to apologize for later.

With chattering teeth I approached the coffee pot and **gasp** there was no hot coffee!! How wrong, how cruel - what had happened?? And then, much to my chagrin I realized that I had filled the carafe with water and but had forgotten to pour said water into the well in the coffee pot before hitting the brew button. Grumbling to myself I added the water and made extra sure that I actually hit the brew button before walking away.

As I headed back down the hall to wake up the younger two sisters I heard a blood-curdling wail come from their bedroom and my middle child came tearing out of her room. She barely paused long enough to say, "Moooommmmm, you didn't wake me up early - I forgot I needed to finish my science review - I'll never get it done now!!" Yes, as you can imagine she is my most dramatic child. I didn't bother to try to reason with her that she had never asked me to wake her up early and that I had asked her twice last night to double check her assignment list and make sure everything was finished. Nope, instead I ducked into their bedroom to comfort the youngest of my three darling daughters who had woken up after her sister's shriek and was crying in her bed. Thankfully she was happy to just wrap herself up in Mommy's lap be held until both of us felt able to face the other two.

On a positive note I finally did get my cup of coffee. My body temperature returned to normal and all of us made it to school/work on time. We even had breakfast, were dressed, hair brushed, homework completed and no one forgot a backpack or purse. Not bad - considering...

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