Friday, April 3, 2009

My Life, In Pictures. Day 5

Here is my final post for Everything Except the Grill's Photo Challenge - My Life. In Pictures. Day 5

When I first started thinking of something old to take a picture of I was not feeling well since I've been fighting a spring cold and this was the oldest thing in my house I could think of for a picture:

(This is me taking my picture from my "good" side.)

Okay -I'm no Spring chicken - but I decided I could find something much older in my house. After all my husband does collect antiques - and I don't mean me!

After a bit of searching I found this:

This lovely fellow is a Mayan chocolate pot. The Mayans would make their equivalant of hot cocoa and serve it up in these lovely things. My daughters and I are not sure how we'd feel about drinking chocolate poured out of someone's kazoo - but my husband seems quite fond of him.

Thanks, Amber, for this opportunity! This Photo Challenge has been lots of fun!
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