Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. Day 2

Here is my post for Everything Except the Grill's Photo Challenge - My Life. In Pictures. Day 2

Well, my first pick for this picture was a fairly simple one - just a bunch of grapes on our table for kids and grown-ups to snack on. Naturally it is surrounded by a pile of mail that my husband brought in and then left strewn on the table. We have an agreement that it stays on the table until both of us have had a chance to go through it. Otherwise either one of us is prone to walking off with something like the light bill and laying it down and then having no idea where it went!!

Anyway, back to today's picture - a little while after I'd taken the first one my middle daughter came home and let her pet cockatiel out to come visit the rest of the family. I don't think she comprehends that she is not a people - she is a bird. You can imagine what happened when she noticed the grapes sitting defenseless on the table. Okay, you don't have to imagine - I will show you.

Yep - Teela joined right in on the snacking - much to my daughter's delight and much less so to her father's. Shortly after these were taken Teela was returned to the family room - with her own small sprig of grapes to work on!!
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