Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. Day 3

Here is my post for Everything Except the Grill's Photo Challenge - My Life. In Pictures. Day 3

Today we were supposed show a picture of what's outside our front door. Mine is not exactly exciting, so I figured I'd show the same not exactly exciting view from slightly different angles.

This is out the front door and slightly to the right:

And this is out the front door and slightly to the left:

Spring hasn't exactly found southeastern Wyoming yet - it's rather cold outside and the grass is barely beginning to think about turning green.

So that's that. Sorry if this is uninspiring - I have a cold and we are trying to get ready to go on vacation for Spring Break and I'm tired and just want to curl up and be ignored. Not sure why my husband and three daughters don't agree with this idea. something about sleeping in the car or on the plane - we know how resting that is.

Going to find hot tea and a cough drop and supervise the troops.
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