Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. Day 4

Here is my post for Everything Except the Grill's Photo Challenge - My Life. In Pictures. Day 4

Something I do everyday - well, I spend too much time at the computer. I work in front of one and my laptop at home obviously gets very regular use. I decided to take a picture of my computer set up at work.

Not many could tell that you are actually looking at TWO computers and one monitor. I have both a PC in my office and a MacMini which sits on top of the PC. I can switch back and forth between them using the same monitor. Our office has used Macs since - well, since forever. Several years ago we started running into issues with documents and software that our Macs couldn't run - well, before they started making compatible software between the two. So, my bosses finally decided they would break down and get one PC for the office to alleviate the frustration. I was lucky one to get the PC since I actually had one at home as well. It's still runs well and makes me feel very tech-y and knowledgeable to have two computers going at once.
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