Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Three Best Things in My Life

Cody, Kati & Tori

Because a picture says more than a thousand words can.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Catching Up..Umm..Not gonna happen...

Hello, Blogosphere Friends!

I honestly don't know where the time went and how it's been so long since I've made it a point to post something here. I don't have a good excuse - except that life has been sooooo busy!! I have to say it makes me feel better when I talk to other friends who say the same thing. Is it the time of year? In my case I have three daughters in school. It is the end of the school year and the schools seem to suddenly say, "Let's finish everything we haven't managed to complete over the previous 8 months in the last 30 days before summer break!!"

My oldest daughter is a senior who graduates in three weeks - aagghhhh!

My tween daughter is busy doing homework, participating in the school musical and driving everyone crazy with hormonal outbreaks.

My 4-year-old still thinks Mom is her favorite person in the whole wide world and thus wants to spend every single second at my side when she is not at preschool. Every Single Second. I remind myself that there will be a day when I will miss not having a little person pounding on the door when I can beat her to the bathroom or otherwise sitting on the edge of the bathtub keeping me company.

Groups at church are winding down and everyone wants one last get together before breaking for summer and they all want to plan them for the same day. Temperatures are warming up and yard work beckons. Did I mention my daughter is graduating? And we invited friends and family over. What were we thinking? Sometimes a check in the mail seem like it would have been plenty sufficient acknowledgment of her accomplishment. I'd have a hard time convincing her grandparents of that, though. They are ridiculously thrilled with the idea of coming to see their oldest grandchild graduate from high school.

Have I ever mentioned that I am prone to extreme sarcasm? Especially during times of great duress. I want to make it official that I love my oldest daughter and am so proud of her that I can't stand it. And I'm really looking forward to having tons of family and friends come to her graduation and the party afterwards because I love having them over.

I started helping to update my church's website which has been a fun learning experience, but also somewhat time consuming. I've always liked working with projects like this and am learning so much!! It's rather daunting, though, when every time I figure out one step I realize there are ten more that I still don't know!!

I was going to participate in 2nd Cup of Coffee's 30x5 Phase 2 Challenge. But I'm afraid all I earned this attempt at Phase 2 is this award:

I really need all the encouragement I can get to keep exercising AND watching what I eat, so I am going to keep trying Phase 2 until I can earn my actual cool cup award.

Whew, I feel better just getting all that off my chest!! Here's to losing my procrastinors-r-us mentality and focusing on blogging again sooner rather than later!!