Thursday, July 9, 2009

Looking for a new lighted ceiling fan

Yes - we are looking for a new ceiling fan. Why, you might ask? The fact that we need a new one since the formally perfectly good one isn't perfectly good anymore husband's fault. Yes, that's it. Well, it might be because I am not super-mom, which I knew, but evidently forgot for a brief insane moment.

Since my DH could be standing behind me with his arms crossed and a frown on his face - I don't actually want to turn around in case I'm right - I'd better tell the whole story.

It all started when my DH decided to have our oldest daughter clean the globes on a couple of the ceiling fan lights we have in our house. It is his mission to make sure that our children do not dither away their entire summer vacation in frivolous fun. It's true, just ask our daughters how overworked they've been since school got out. Anyway, with Dad's help, my oldest DD managed to get all the globes off of the dining room ceiling fan except one. You wouldn't think one small globe of a light fixture could cause so much trouble - but this one did. I came home from work to find the ceiling fan in this state - all globes but one in the sink to be washed. No one was around to explain why there was one globe left on the light and I didn't think to ask if there was a reason one globe was still attached. I don't know what I thought, but what I did was get up on the dining room table and proceed to attempt to remove said globe. I twisted, and twisted, and twisted - and it didn't come off. I tried another hold - it still didn't come off. I managed to get it partially off and hanging by a wire and it still wouldn't completely come off. At this point my oldest DD came up the stairs from the basement. She got a look of great concern on her face as she said, "Um, Mom, Dad said to leave that one alone because it is stuck and we'll end up breaking some of the wires if we're not careful." I experienced a feeling of somewhat great concern myself as I looked at the condition the fixture was in after my attempts to remove the globe. In my infinite wisdom I just screwed it back into place and hopped down off the table.

Later that evening I flipped the switch to turn on the light and was going about my business when I noticed that there was the smell of something burning. I started asking my three girls if they smelled anything and began searching for the source of the smell. To my horror I found it when I looked up at the ceiling fan I had so confidently thought I could fix earlier and saw smoke pouring from the middle of the fixture. Immediately I hit the off-switch and my oldest DD & I said together, "We need tape!!" Ah, she understands so much. She knew as I did that if we didn't tape over the switch one of us would walk by without thinking and try to flip the light on again. Visions of my house burning down around me flashed through my head quickly followed by visions of explaining to my husband why the light switch was taped over. It's so much nicer when he's the one who screwed up and I can choose to be benevolent. It's not so nice when I'm the one who has to humbly admit I messed up - again. Darn it.

So we are looking for a new ceiling fan which may take awhile to replace since our discretionary budget was a bit stretched with our oldest DD's highschool graduation and various summer activities. In the meantime, I told my DH we could enjoy candlelight dinners and drudged up an old floor fan to keep the air circulating in that part of our house.

So, you can see that if my DH hadn't felt he could leave well enough alone and just let the dratted globes be dusty we wouldn't be in this situation. It has nothing to do with the fact that I assumed too quickly and didn't bother to communicate with the people responsible for the project of cleaning the globes in the first place.

That's my story - and I'm sticking to it.
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