Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogger ADHD & stuff to whine about

Oooo, I wonder what's down this trail???

I've decided I have a form of ADHD known as Blogger ADHD. This is because too often I sit down with the intention of writing on my blog and get distracted. I'll pull up my blog site and see my list of blogs I like to follow and think, "Oh, I should see what So and So has to say today and click on her blog." On her site she'll have something else interesting linked to another site. So I click there. This will lead me even further astray and before I know it I've gone from sitting down to write about my daughter leaving for college to reading about how successful someone else has been at creating a home-based business and is known internationally and is so in demand that she had to hire a personal assistant. Now I am thoroughly depressed and my time has run out and I have to go do something everyday and mundane like pick-up my kids from school because I don't have a personal assistant to do that while I am busy being terribly successful running my internet-based-blog business.

Mom's School Bus.

Okay, truthfully, I really don't want anyone else picking up my kids from school. I still have two at home who haven't abandoned me for college. That's why I work two part-time jobs and try to arrange my schedule so that I CAN be available before & after school and go to volleyball games and piano recitals and dental appointments and fun stuff like that. Well, not that the dental appointments are fun, but you get the picture.

And sometimes I have deep profound thoughts that I would like to share, but my Blogger ADHD kicks in when I try to type them up, too. We just had an amazing experience in Cheyenne this weekend at the God of this City conference. But you probably won't hear about it from me because as I sat down to write about it I started whining about what a hard time blogging has been for me.

I think Blogger ADHD could be related to Journaling ADHD. For years I've been encouraged to journal by teachers, friends, and others. And that has not been a terribly successful venture for me, either. And in the meantime all these terrific thoughts and experiences go streaming through my mind and out into the oblivion that is my increasingly jumbled & inaccurate memory. (No comments about age, please....)

I choose to blame Blogger/Journaling ADHD for my inability to put fingers to keyboard (my modern version of putting pen to paper - rather clever don't you think?). It certainly could not be the product of an overly busy life or lack of discipline or focus, because then I might actually be able to do something about it and that would put responsibility back on my shoulders and I just want my problems to be someone/something else's fault. It's so much easier that way.

Okay - just had to get that off my chest. It remains to be seen if God chooses to help me heal my Blogger ADHD or not. Because, yes, this rant is a cry out to the only One who can truly help me change myself. I'm a bit scared that it might be similar to praying for patience. If you've ever done that then you know why I am nervous!!

I'll do my best to keep you updated - right after I check out this other blog.....