Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thoughts on Being Thankful Everyday

I got inspired on November 9th by a post on Facebook that said this:

Every day this month until Thanksgiving, think of one thing that you are thankful for and post it as "Today I am thankful for..." The longer you do it, the harder it gets! If you think you can do it then repost this message as your status to invite others to take the challenge, then post what YOU are thankful for today.

I remember thinking, "What a great idea! This will help give me & my friends good motivation to remember how blessed we are." I also remember thinking that it won't be hard at all to think of just one thing each day that I am thankful for. After all, I have soooo much in my life that is worthy of offering thanks for, right? Yeah, well, as the infamous THEY say, "Famous last words...."

As usual I started off easily enough. My first "I am thankful" post simply said I was thankful for coffee. It was on a Monday and for some reason my need for and appreciation of coffee is greater on Mondays than most other days of the week. And I know that I have many Twitter & Facebook friends who are also coffee lovers, so they would appreciate it. After that I was thankful for Bible study friends, Veterans on Veteran's Day, Family...oh, yes, this isn't hard!!

The next day it suddenly wasn't easy to think of a Thankful post. I was busy and had a lot on my mind and was very tempted to just skip it. Somehow I couldn't let it go, though, and kept fretting about it in the back of my mind. It was the day I took my husband to the hospital in Ft. Collins for outpatient surgery on his knee. I thought about posting how thankful I was for health insurance coverage that would cover his surgery and got distracted thinking about the healthcare debates on the news and friends I have who don't have insurance and would it seem insensitive to them if I waved our good fortune in their faces? And, then, I was resentful of feeling bad for being so blessed. I finally posted that I was thankful for wireless internet access. There - that should be safe enough, right? Although, there are folks who don't have ANY internet access and certainly not something as extravagent as wireless internet access. Good grief, sometimes life is so much easier when I try not to think so much.

Truthfully I really was thankful for wireless internet access. I had several hours to fill while Terry was in surgery and the weather was yucky. It was wonderful to have my laptop, a cup of coffee (already been thankful for that!), no work or kids to distract me, and sit in a warm & cozy waiting room while working on a website project that had been neglected for awhile. I was in heaven!!

Rather that succumb again to my own inflicted pressure to be profound and inspiring without being too mushy, or irreverent or offensive (how much havoc could I wreck by saying I was thankful for Republicans? or Democrats? I have friends in both arenas!!), I have since tried not to over analyze what my daily "Thankful" posts should be. I was right in my first reaction to this challenge - I do have much in my life to be thankful for. Health insurance - yes, I am VERY thankful for this, Chocolate is another thing, my cell phone, our insane cockatiel, fuzzy socks, a God who gives 2nd chances - often 3rd, 4th, 5th, or more chances!!, Cheyenne's wind that cuts down on pollution, my favorite tv shows, good books, snuggle time with my girls, snuggle time with my husband, unexpected phone calls from dear friends, a child's laughter, fresh snow - I could go WAY past the date of Thanksgiving with all that I have to be grateful for.

Knowing all that I am blessed with does not mean that my life is always carefree and happy. Sadly no, I am inflicted with the same human existence that everyone else has. God is teaching me - somewhat slowly, because I tend to be a stubborn learner, that even in the toughest times there is much in life that is good. And it is OKAY to be thankful for the good He has given me!! I am grateful for that. After all, what is good in my life is from God and that is more proof that He is always with me no matter what. His constant presence is undoubtedly the biggest thing I am thankful for every single day.
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