Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I got a comment!!!

Okay, so one of the things I always wonder as an amateur/infrequent/sporadic blogger is if anyone ever reads what I post. After all - that is one of the reasons for bothering to type something up and send it on its way through the world wide web - at least it is for me. I know there must be some authors who write because they want/need to write and whether anyone reads their stuff or not is not such a big deal. I don't know any of them, though.

So, on the rare occasion that I get actual proof of someone reading my posts - I get excited. And last week I had a "celebrity" comment on my blog post titled "Flunking Lent". Yes, Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom posted a comment on my blog. I was so ecstatic that I squealed like my daughters do when they are excited. You see Susan - if you don't already know - is a PRO in the blogging world. And I am not. I love the site she and her sister run. I found them last year when I stumbled across a link to something called the 2009 Ultimate Blog Party. It was so much fun! They offered prizes (I won one!!!) and the opportunity to visit other blog sites and places to list yours to bring others to check you out. Talk about an awesome networking/fun opportunity. I'm guessing Susan happened upon my blog because I Tweeted that they are planning The Ultimate Blog Party 2010. So, in truth she may just have been doing the pro thing by following up on those of us who where sharing the #UBP10 on Twitter - but I don't care!! Thanks, Susan, for taking the effort to write out a couple of short sentences on my post - you made my week!!!

I noticed on another blog that the author made a point of asking for comments on her blog posts. She said that comments were her love language. That hit home with me - because the truth is Susan's comment isn't the only one that has put me on the Blogger Cloud Nine. Anytime, my sister comment's (she is my most faithful reader - thanks, Jeanette, I love you!!) I am thrilled. And the few times anyone else has made the effort to let me know that they stopped by have been great.

I know that there is a potential downside to seeking a response to my posts. There could be blog scrooges out there just waiting to ruin my day by commenting negatively. That's part of the beauty of screening my comments before allowing them to be published. If you want to have a decent discussion/argument/disagreement about an opinion of mine then I'm up for that. If you just want to be rude or ugly - you'll have to go somewhere else.

So, if you didn't get the hint after reading this - leave me a comment!! I love conversation - even in short small bursts and you will definitely make my day a good one!!
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