Monday, September 13, 2010

I am NOT promising to be more consistent........

Okay, so I was reading a blog post by Ree Drummond who is the Pioneer Women on her blog Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Ree's style is wonderful - she's honest and frank and got me thinking that I should make more of an effort to do SOMETHING with my own blog. I have a constant running blog going on in my head all the time, but too rarely make the effort to transfer it into actual print. And I know that I lose a lot by that lapse, because my head only holds so much and new stuff pushes out old ideas all the time.

I love that Ree says to write your blog like you are talking to your sister. And, yes, I have a sister!! And, I love talking to her! And, if I'm writing to her I don't have to worry about whether she'll understand certain references or sarcastic remarks, because she GETS me!! And if any of you don't get what I'm saying, well, just go ask my sister to explain it to you.

So here I am actually writing something and wishing I had a magic pill that would enable to me to be more disciplined in my writing. I like that Ree tells me I can be varied in my topics. I had read somewhere that a "successful" blog has a point and a purpose and a focus - and I kept trying to figure out what my "niche" was. Now I feel like someone has been given me a free pass to be myself!! Woohoo!! After all this is MY blog, Kathy's blog, and it should represent Kathy. And I am not always the same person every single day. There are times when I do have a focus and a purpose and times when I just need to blow off steam and times when I just wonder strange random thoughts and was just too self-conscious to make them public. I'm going to work on that - the being too self-conscious part. If you don't like what I write go find another blog to read. So there.

So, back to wanting a magic pill.....I think that I sometimes sabotage myself with images of what a "perfect" blogger does, so I just want myself to know that I am NOT promising to be a more consistent blogger. Whew, that really takes a lot of pressure off!!

So, my thanks to Ree Drummond for the inspiration. We'll see what happens from here on out!
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