Monday, November 22, 2010

For My Daughters - I love you now and always!!

November 22, 2010

For my daughters: Cody, age 19,  Kati, age 13, and Tori, age 6.

One of the best daily habits I told myself I would take-up when Cody was born and have actually managed to stick with is to tell each of you everyday that "I love you!" (I know, Cody, that you don't hear it everyday anymore - but that's because you insisted on moving away for college. I do try to text it to you regularly, though!!) I do sincerely pray that each of you knows how very special and dear and wonderful and amazing to me you are. My life would be so much less without you - I cannot even comprehend the thought.

I wanted to share three of the things that I pray about often for each of you. Even though there are several years between each of you in age, I have common hopes and dreams for all three of you. That doesn't mean that I don't respect your individuality. Probably no one knows better than your mom how unique each of you is. Still these hopes are for all of you. Each of these are things that I am not good at telling you or maybe even showing you. This is partially because life is so busy and sometimes it's more than enough just to get from one day to the next. It is also partially because I am so emotional and can't talk about things that mean so much to me without blubbering. Just so you know, I am blubbering as I type this, but it's easier to get through this way as long as I don't get my keyboard wet.

Dear Girls, I pray that each of you will learn to love God's word. This does NOT mean that I hope that you will all turn into the same kind of Bible-study loving freak that your mom is. (I wouldn't be upset if that happened, though.) It's just that God has so many wonderful things to say to you and I so don't want you to miss out on His message. God loves you, Cody. God thinks you are amazing, Kati. God knows you are special, Tori. I know this through His word and it would be so great if you could learn this for yourselves. If you have questions, He has answers. If you need encouragement - His word holds it. Need a kick in the rear? The Bible has those, too.

I pray for the man that God has in mind for each of you, because I believe He does have a perfect someone for you.  I pray that you will have the patience to wait for him and the discernment to know him when God brings him to you. I pray that Mr. Right will first love God and then love you. It that is the case you will be loved better than you could ever imagine.

But most of all I pray that each of you will want to know God personally and intimately. He will be the best and truest friend you could ever have. You see, dear Girls, people will let you down. I'm afraid you already know this because you have me in your life. I know that I am far from a perfect mother, or perfect wife, or perfect geek. I know that I have disappointed each of you in ways both small and big and I know that others have done the same. It's rather unavoidable with people in your life. But God will never leave you or stop loving you or give up on you - never, never, ever.

Lastly I will also admit that I hope you will always know how much I love you. There is NOTHING you can do that will ever change that. My love for you will never come close to matching God's, but it is the best that I am humanly capable of.

I will always be thankful for you, Cody.
I will always be thankful for you, Kati.
I will always be thankful for you, Tori

Your, Mom
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