Thursday, November 4, 2010

A lost cellphone, a noisy house, and Dad is the Hero.

I lost my cellphone - again - for awhile last night. This is, I humbly admit, not a completely unusual occurrence. I have a bad habit of carrying it with me and setting it down in random places - usually out in the open where I easily retrace my steps and find it....but not always. I'm thinking this may be more of a concern since I upgraded to my new HTC Droid Incredible. (Squeeeeelll!!!!) Ah, yes, I love my new phone. My continuing iPhone envy is drastically diminished since my Droid came into my possession and my techy-loving side is extremely giddy.

Anyway, back to the lost youngest daughter Tori was playing a game called 'Teeter' on it while we were catching up on some back episodes of "Chuck" last night.  Then the show was over and it was bed time and after going through the usual nighttime routine I remembered I needed to plug in my phone for the night.  I have learned that this is absolutely necessary with SmartPhones because the battery lasts nada without being recharged constantly.  Well, I did not find it immediately. Considering my past history this was not a cause for great concern. It always shows up eventually.

Well, an hour later and still no phone and I was starting to be more than slightly bothered. Where had the durned phone got to? I wanted to blame my 6-year-old-Teeter-playing champion, but instinctively knew better. The last mental image I had was of her playing with my phone while we watched TV, but somehow I knew that she was not the last person to handle it. Finally I resorted to the usual effective technique which is to use another phone to call my cellphone.  This is where I discovered how noisy my house is.

Mind you, I would not have been surprised if my house was noisy at say....3pm in the afternoon. That is when kids are getting home from school and they are chattering and the dogs are barking a welcome and the bird is shrieking to be let out of his cage and the phone will ring and a the doorbell might chime in, too. I expect my house to be noisy during the day. I do not expect it at 10pm at night when the kids/dogs/bird are all asleep. Naturally, the challenge became obvious when I realized that my phone was set on vibrate - as it normally is when I am at work and do not want personal calls disturbing the office. I never think to turn the ringer on when I head home. Still, I've managed to call it when lost before and listen carefully and was able to hear a faint buzzing which would lead me to the missing phone.

That was not to be the case this time.  The first time I called all I could hear was my ringtone playing through the receiver of my land-line. Note to self: Update Ringtone!! The second time I called and quickly stuffed the receiver under a pillow all I could hear was my furnace kicking off. The next time I tried listening in the kitchen and the hum of my refrigerator thrummed away. Thinking maybe the phone was in the basement I tried yet another call and my attention was drawn to a low branch rubbing against a window. What a racket!! All I wanted to hear was my lovely new cellphone and it was being stubbornly mute!!

I realized I had fallen to that sad level of being that left me feeling extremely insecure without my cellphone. I knew I was going to to bed and would not be using it immediately, but if I did not find it soon, the battery would wear out, the signal would go dead, and it could be lost FOREVER in some dark crevice of my house and I would never see it again and it is EXPENSIVE to replace and I LIKE texting my kids and friends and how would I keep up with my check-ins on Foursquare? Oh, yes, this is the new-age-techno-pathetic depth I had plunged to.

After only 14 attempts to call my unresponsive phone I gave up and went to bed.  The next day my husband took one look at my sad, downcast face and jumped in to help in the cellphone search. Mind you, this is rather humbling to me.  I am the MOM and the MOM is the one who can always find things when no one else can. This time, though, the MOM, was completely ineffective.  Terry retraced all the steps I had taken - several times - last night and low & behold a miracle occurred in the laundry room when he stepped on (but did not harm) my cellphone lying on the floor next to the dryer (rather mockingly, I might add) underneath a pile of clothes waiting their turn for a cycle through the laundry. I SWEAR I looked there. At least I think I did, didn't I?  I was so glad to be reunited with my Droid that I was able to sincerely thank him for finding my phone and didn't mind a bit that the MOM had, this time, been one-uped by the DAD. Beginner's Luck, probably.
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