Monday, March 21, 2011

Whining to God

Okay, so we are now 12 days into Lent and I'd like to say that I am flying through this season without a hitch. I've already told you about how I gave up my personal Facebook time for Lent. What I didn't really give proper thought to was what would replace that time. I know that what I SHOULD have done was planned to spend more time in reflection or reading my Bible or substitute some other discipline that would help grow my relationship with God.

Instead I have whined - A LOT - about what I'm not able to share on FB. But if my whining is to God - couldn't that be considered a kind of prayer? And then, that's not completely wasting all of my time for spiritual and personal improvement, right? (Yes, I am looking for someone to validate my whining.)

I have been good and have not been on my Facebook page. And I MISS IT!! What I miss is not Farmville or Frontierville - my two biggest time wasters on Facebook. What I DO miss is sharing stuff with my FB friends. Some of the things I share could be considered more important than others. For instance, I love to tell folks Happy Birthday. And, I don't just post "Happy Birthday" on their walls either. Oh, no, I post the entire Happy Birthday song for them.  And when I do I sing it in my head. Fortunately for them it sounds much better in print. In my head I usually hear the stork from Dumbo singing happy birthday to him when he is delivered to his mother. I feel remorse over not being able to wish my FB friends Happy Birthday. So for all of you on FB who have birthdays this Lent - this is for you: Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday, dear (insert name here)!! Happy Birthday to you!!

I keep hoping God will pipe up and say "It's okay to wish so-and-so Happy Birthday on FB today." But that hasn't happen yet.

There are also informative things I like to share through Facebook. For instance, this Saturday, March 26 (my Dad's birthday, incidentally - no worries, I usually call him in person since he doesn't have a FB account) - anyway, this Saturday at 8:30pm folks around the world will celebrate Earth Hour 2011. What is Earth Hour? Well, you can click here to find out: Basically everybody agrees for one hour to turn their lights off to show support for our planet. It's a great cause and a great way to draw attention to our need for change. Check out the video for Earth Hour 2011 below  - it's cool and inspiring. (Maybe there's a chance my FB friends will see this???? And share it??? Just wondering.....)

In the grand Facebook scheme - I don't have a lot of FB friends - less than 300. About 99% of them I have actually met in person and probably more than 50% I am either related to or see on a regular basis - ie lots of cool churchy friends (love you guys!!).  These are people I want to interact with and share stories with and do stuff with.

Which leads me to admit, that one of the biggest things I miss sharing - rather selfishly - is stuff about me. You know, the daily 'this is what's on my list, this is what's annoying me, this is what I thought was cool today', kind of stuff. Because I love when my friends respond to what I post!! And, maybe somewhat less selfishly I have to admit that I miss finding out what's happening with all my FB friends at their end of the internet. 
Just so you know, I didn't give up Facebook for Lent because I think Facebook is bad. Quite the opposite. I am a huge propopent of Social Networking - and Facebook in particular - and I have enough to say about it that I should probably save it for it's own blog post. I gave it up because it is something that has a great potential to have TOO much significance in my life and I needed some time to figure out how to keep it in the proper perspective. And considering all the whining I've been doing these past 12 days it was probably a wise choice.

Well - only 28 more days to go - not that I'm counting or anything.
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