Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sock it to me!!

Some gals post photos of their shoes - I will share a photo of my socks - because, you know, I am hip like that. Today's sock pic is for Lynnette - and will hopefully make my 15yo, Kati, role her eyes at her mother.

My friend Lynette appreciates that matched socks are a rarity in our household and have been for years. She will also appreciate that this pair was purchased JUST LIKE YOU SEE THEM. Yes, they do NOT match on purpose. They are, however, complimentary. I point this out because that is not a requirement for pairs of socks, either.

Kati is to blame for socks no longer needing matching partners in the Sanford Girls household. Years ago she refused to wear socks that match and when her younger sister jumped on the same fashion band wagon Mom gave up even trying to bother matching socks anymore.

And, I will give my daughter Cody an honorable mention because these are fuzzy socks and it is Fall and we LOVE fuzzy socks to keep our feet warm.