Friday, October 12, 2012

Half is Twice as Cool

I have been toying with the idea of running a half-marathon. Now, if you are a seasoned runner and regularly do this sort of thing that may not seem like much of an admission. I, however, am NOT a seasoned anything - unless being middle-aged counts as seasoned, but let's not go there.......

Anyway, running has become something that I love and want to keep doing. It has been physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually good for me. But I admit that once I finally made it through the Bolder Boulder last May I lost my focus. I still ran - occasionally - through the summer. And I discovered I do NOT like running when it is hot. That was my excuse for being so erratic. And, I have done better since Fall hit and temps have cooled down. But I know that having something to train for and focus on is motivational for me. A friend told me about this race:

The course looks both exciting and terrifying! And it is close to  home and even IN Wyoming. Only if I do this race - I probably have to give up the Bolder Boulder this year because it is the day AFTER the Wyoming Marathon races. What to do? What to do? 

And being me I have THOSE 

****13.1 MILES - are you crazy????

****Where do I find/make the time to run for that long?

****Did I mention 13.1 MILES?????

****Why not just stick to nice short little jaunts - like a 5 or 10K??? You know you can do that.


****Just why do you think you need to do this? Really, what are you thinking?

****Are you listening? Not 3, not 6, not even 10 - but 13.1 miles????

****I am scared. There I said it. I am scared. Scared of failing. Scared of not living up to someone else's expectations of what a Half-Marathoner should look like, run like, act like. 

****But you know what I am even more scared of? Regret. The regret of choosing not to even try. Because I believe that to some extent we do get to choose what we will regret in life.

I went back and looked up what I posted on Facebook after the Bolder Boulder. It was my first "REALLY BIG RACE" and was AWESOME. And if I did a Half-marathon it would basically be like doing two 10Ks and a bit more. That might be twice as cool. 

Posted on Facebook: March 28, 2012

Had such a great time at the Bolder Boulder (50,000+ Runners) yesterday! Best part - making a goal and keeping it! The whole experience was just plain fun. Had never done a big race like this before so the whole thing was new: tons of people, bands playing along the way, took advantage of every water station, received free hugs and high fives, got a piece of watermelon, a piece of bacon (yes, baco
n!!!), a marshmallow, somehow missed the popsicles (darn it), and the chance to see all the runners from babies in backpacks to great-grand-parents and everything in between, and the different outfits & costumes, and the folks in the neighborhoods we ran through cheering us on and some even "watering the runners" with their sprinklers - lots of runners loved that!! Bottom line - it was awesome! Can't wait to do it again!!

Well, off to fret and ponder. And Google "Half-Marathon training schedules."