Saturday, April 13, 2013

30 Days of Random Pics - Day 12

Writing about this one from 1986 has been stirring in my head for quite some time. It is one of a few pictures of me in my high school year book. It is dark and my face is kind of hidden - pretty much how I remember high school. That young girl from 27+ years ago was extremely shy and insecure and lived much of her life in the background. She watched - and wished to be included. Poor thing. Wish I could go back and hug her.

One of my teachers at the time made the classic statement about high school being "the best years of your life." I remember at the time praying with all I had that he was wrong. You couldn't pay me to go through those years again. I avoided "friending" many people I went to high school with on Facebook for several years until I received a request from a classmate several months after my divorce. I dared myself to hit the accept button. What was I hiding anyway? I was a divorced single mom - that was pretty much a solid statement that my life was far from perfect. If they didn't want to have anything to do with me that was THEIR problem. After that I searched for and friend requested as many from RHS as I could find. It was a little overwhelming at first because most of them accepted it. The best things is that I have had the chance to build a relationship for the first time with folks I never really got to know back then. Frankly - that has been very cool.

PS - if you want to know why I am doing 30 Days of Random Pics - click here.
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