Monday, April 15, 2013

30 Days of Random Pics - Day 13

I have two dogs. One is running buddy. And then there is Sadie. She is our s...l...o...w beagle. Sadie has never been overly found of physical activity. She is older now - about 12 years old and has arthritis. Walking Sadie is an exercise in patience and learning to enjoy the sites and sounds around you. If not for outings with Sadie I very well could have spent years in my neighborhood without noticing things like the detail on the rooftops. These are from houses within just a one block radius of my home. Does anyone bother with this kind of intricate decoration on the homes anymore? I happen to really like it and think it gives my older neighborhood a little bit of beauty and class.

And - yes - I know I am running behind on my daily pics. Story of my life!! Going to catch up - really, really I am!!

PS - if you want to know why I am doing 30 Days of Random Pics - click here.
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