Saturday, April 20, 2013

30 Days of Random Pics - Day 14

April Snow Storm 2013 - Cheyenne was sock in for most of the week - school was cancelled for two days. Roads in and out of town where closed more than they were open. And I got beautiful icicles to decorate the side of my house.

PS - if you want to know why I am doing 30 Days of Random Pics - click here.

PPS - I had to go back and review my rules for posting pics this month:

1: First and foremost - post a picture Every Day during the month of April 2013.
2: Pick a picture I have not posted anywhere else.
3: Write a description - it does not matter how short or long it is.
4: See rule #1
5: Don't overthink
6: See rule #1
7: Have fun!!

I think I got tripped up on #5 - Dang it. 

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