Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Days of Random Pics - Intro and Day 1

I just completed a Lenten Activity through Every day they would send out the word for the day and a devotion with it. Our task was to take a picture that represented that word to us and post it on the web with the hashtags #rethinkchurch and #40days. It was fun and I think it was good for me in many ways because I struggle with discipline. There I said it out loud. Those who really know me are no doubt giving me the "so tell me something I don't know look." And those who don't yet - well take my word for it. I am a classic example of someone who starts something full of enthusiasm aaaannnddd doesn't finish. The excitement wears off and I haven't had the DISCIPLINE to keep at it long enough to get through those rough patches. I recently completed a 30 day running streak that involved getting up and running or somehow moving my body for at least a mile everyday. Completing that streak was AWESOME!! Especially because I had tried to complete one over the holidays aaannnddd didn't. Ever since finishing that running streak I have had the niggling thought that maybe there is something to these daily challenges....something beneficial.

So, back to Lent and posting daily pictures. While doing that discipline (I wish I liked that word more) I kept having this thought: What about the next 40 days? Hmmmm. What-about-the-next-40-days? Did I gain anything out of this Lenten discipline and if I did - will I hang onto it or add it to the list of "aaannnddd she didn't finish." What would be something good to challenge myself to complete everyday that I don't do - but wish I did? I kept coming back to this blog and how erratic and UNdisciplined I am about posting here. And it clicked. I should post something, ANYTHING, here once a day. And to help myself with SOME sort of focus I decided this would be an excellent chance to post a few of those many, many pictures I have stored on my phone that I never manage to get posted on Facebook or Instagram or anywhere at all. I also decided to do it during the month of April since it begins the day right after Easter.

My "rules" such as they are:
1: First and foremost - post a picture Every Day during the month of April 2013.
2: Pick a picture I have not posted anywhere else.
3: Write a description - it does not matter how short or long it is.
4: See rule #1
5: Don't overthink
6: See rule #1
7: Have fun!!

So - without further ado - here is my pic for April 1, 2013 (No Foolin')

I took this picture back on December 20, 2012. I go home for lunch pretty much every day as my office is a full three blocks from my house. I kick my dogs out for a break and throw together something to take back to the office to eat. Since I have been trying to make healthier choices this  type of lunch happens pretty regularly. I find it ironic though, that while I really do enjoy salads it is on the days I make a really yummy, tasty salad that I find myself most craving a juicy hamburger. Can you say, "Self-Sabatoge?"
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