Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Curbing Mom's Potty Mouth

Something I am NOT proud of is how my language has deteriorated over the last several years. I can point to lots of excuses.....but really that is all they are excuses. I am not shocked by "bad" language and I do not think that using "bad" words automatically makes the speaker a bad person. I know for me, though, that I know better and I want to speak better and I want to BE better. I really do want to be the better person that I believe God calls me to be. I asked my girls to help me be more accountable with my words. And I love finding articles like the following to encourage me to make better choices in my speech. This paragraph really got to me:
All language is a kind of social contract. We agree—as heirs of centuries of etymological development—to call the pointy thing in our arm an elbow, just like we agree to label things we find despicable with words we identify as profane. The words themselves hold only the power we give them. But curse words tend to be powerful indeed, because to linguistically reduce something or someone to the level of biological functions (and their resultant products) is almost always an act of contempt. And contempt is toxic.

Our world is toxic enough. If possible I hope to reduce the level of toxicity in my little korner even the slightest bit.

Here is the link to article:  The Trouble with Cussing Christians. I need to remember to go back and review it on a regular basis.