Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Be Real

I read a post the moment can't remember who it was or where I saw it.....anyway, the gist of the comment she made that stuck with me went like this, "I wrote a blog today that was fueled by anger....where all truly inspired posts come from."
It stuck with me because my first thought was, "That is soooo true. I am much more motivated to write when I am angry or righteously indignant about something than when life is happy." And then I had the uncomfortable thought that if anger and frustration were my greatest motivators to write there might be something wrong with me. I don't want to be a negative person and I don't want to be a writer who only gripes about life. But then I thought I also don't want to be falsely positive because frankly like is NOT always wonderful. And then I thought I should write more when I AM motivated even if it is negative. And then I thought, "But you don't want to just be a crabby B!&^ch all the time.
And then I thought, "This is making me tired. I should go have some coffee." And once again I talked myself out of writing something because I was worried about how others would start to view me.

This thought would not go away, though. So I finally let myself take some time to really work through it. I asked myself, "What posts do I like to read? Who do I resonate with? What grabs my attention and will get me to scroll past more than the first paragraph? Admittedly many are gripe posts...but more are positive. What stays with me the most are those that are genuine.

These tend to be stories that don't paint a completely negative picture and neither are they coated in sappy positivity. They might have a little of both but more than anything they are honest and real and blunt. That appeals to me. I want to be able to write like THAT. Because life is never all bad or all good. Sometimes it helps to air the complaints and quite often once I do I am able to laugh at it...or more likely am able to laugh at myself. Because another thing I am learning the longer I live is that life and the people in it are really rather ridiculous. And shouldn't we celebrate that?!
In my continued journey to teach myself how I want to write I hope I can keep this always in mind. Be real - when it is uncomfortable and scary and ridiculous.

'Till Next Time.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rambling about Failure

Well....I had set myself a goal of doing a post a day for the 46 days leading up to my 46 birthday last month. Typically I started off well.....but then fizzled out half-way through. I have been tempted to do the usual self-flagellation for not finishing what I set out to do. But I am trying to look instead at what I can do differently so that next time I CAN say I got 'er done. Evidently trying to post something every single day is not going to fit into my schedule. But I have this continuing personal quest to figure out just how I want this blog to work and just how I want to work this blog. Like the rest of my life this is still a work in progress! Something tells me that my nemesis word (DISCIPLINE) will figure into this whole equation.

But I don't want to hear that right now.

So, while procrastinating about how to get back into writing on this durned page I searched through images of "Failure" on Google. Here are some of what I found:

This is for my children.
Yes - there is always a catch.

This one is my favorite.

Obviously there were hundreds and hundreds more images talking about failure. It made me feel much better because I got the message I am not alone. Failing at achieving a simple blog-posting goal is NOT the end of the world. My life contains much bigger failures. The biggest was the failure of my first marriage. It lasted 23-years, but it really was over long before that. I can't even count the number of times I have experienced little daily failures such as losing my temper with my children or forgetting to add water to the coffee pot or leaving my cellphone at home. (Although - maybe that last one should be considered an accomplishment.) Failure is a part of life. It really is true that the most important part is what we do AFTER we fail - not whether we ever fail in the first place. Because if we are living life  - we are failing. But, God-willing, through those failures we are also learning and growing and improving. 

And now - to hit the publish button - and get busy moving on.