Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rambling about Failure

Well....I had set myself a goal of doing a post a day for the 46 days leading up to my 46 birthday last month. Typically I started off well.....but then fizzled out half-way through. I have been tempted to do the usual self-flagellation for not finishing what I set out to do. But I am trying to look instead at what I can do differently so that next time I CAN say I got 'er done. Evidently trying to post something every single day is not going to fit into my schedule. But I have this continuing personal quest to figure out just how I want this blog to work and just how I want to work this blog. Like the rest of my life this is still a work in progress! Something tells me that my nemesis word (DISCIPLINE) will figure into this whole equation.

But I don't want to hear that right now.

So, while procrastinating about how to get back into writing on this durned page I searched through images of "Failure" on Google. Here are some of what I found:

This is for my children.
Yes - there is always a catch.

This one is my favorite.

Obviously there were hundreds and hundreds more images talking about failure. It made me feel much better because I got the message I am not alone. Failing at achieving a simple blog-posting goal is NOT the end of the world. My life contains much bigger failures. The biggest was the failure of my first marriage. It lasted 23-years, but it really was over long before that. I can't even count the number of times I have experienced little daily failures such as losing my temper with my children or forgetting to add water to the coffee pot or leaving my cellphone at home. (Although - maybe that last one should be considered an accomplishment.) Failure is a part of life. It really is true that the most important part is what we do AFTER we fail - not whether we ever fail in the first place. Because if we are living life  - we are failing. But, God-willing, through those failures we are also learning and growing and improving. 

And now - to hit the publish button - and get busy moving on.
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