Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beauty in the Imperfections

My kitchen table is a model of imperfection. I got to thinking today that this is precisely one of the things I love the most about it.
I walked by it today and thought to myself - wow, it is unusually UN-cluttered. I should take a picture of that! Normally is has piles of mail, a laptop or two, a drinking glass or random plate left on it. It is the center of a busy kitchen that is used and abused by a busy family.
I almost changed my mind about using a close-up picture of my table. Upon close inspection I re-discovered stains from past nail-polishing sessions. This is a regular occurrence in a household of girls.

And then I noticed this beauty. This was MY fault when I left a wallflower fragrance holder on its side and it leaked. 

But, you know what? This table makes me incredibly happy. Yes, it is stained and scratched. That just means we don't have the pressure of maintaining a pristine beauty. Being a lead klutz this takes a ton of pressure off!! It is the spot where we join together for family meals. It is where homework happens and discussions take place and busy parents get work done and busy kids play and yes, do their nails. My Guy says that he doesn't mind the stains because they are reminders of his life with a houseful of girls. This is even more meaningful because his girls are not with us all of the time, but he has a reminder that they are still a part of his life. We could be upset that out table is marred - but we are not. I see a beautiful piece of furniture that serves my family well. We can add a leaf when there are more friends and family to squeeze around it. If more scratches or stains happen they will only add to the tales this table could tell. And it will only more fully represent the family it serves. 

Which reminds me - if you ever get the chance to stop by I would love to sit at my table and share a cup of coffee (Dr. Pepper for My  Guy) or beer or wine and visit. And don't worry about spilling or being a "perfect" guest. Just let my table be the proof that we will accept you just as you are - flaws and all.

'Til Next Time.

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