Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That #icebucketchallenge #strikeoutALS campaign. Annoying - yes. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!

Just like everyone else I am tired of those #icebucketchallenge #strikeoutALS videos. But - I made one. And I challenged friends and family to do it, too.

And we donated to the ALS Associaton: Icebucket Challenge Donations


Because I have a teenager and because of this campaign that same 17 year old daughter was motivated to learn something about a fatal disease that most of had never even thought about. And then she did this:

Honestly before this I was skeptical and annoyed and tended to listen to the negative voices that said things like it is an irresponsible waste of water, folks really weren't donating, they were just encouraging their own narcissism, etc, etc, etc. Then I saw my kid's video. I was moved and impressed and not just because she is my kid.

I decided I needed to follow her example and get some real facts - and NOT from Social Media.

If you read this - I challenge you. Do what my daughter did and GET INFORMED.

As I get ready to click PUBLISH on this blog post the ALS Association website posted this article about donations from the campaign to date: Ice Bucket Donations Continue to Rise: $94.3 Million Since July 29

Think folks with ALS don't want your videos clogging up their Social Network feeds? Maybe. But here is one perspective: What An ALS Family REALLY Thinks About the Ice Bucket Challenge

Go ahead. Make a difference - no donations is too small. And if you are so inclined - make your own video and SHARE it.

We did.

Naturally we had to include our blooper real: