Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kathy's NOT a New Year's Resolution WishList for 2015

I refuse to make New Year's Resolutions. I simply suck at keeping them, so why put myself through that humiliation.......again. Instead I decided to think of things I wish for in 2015. I scrolled through the way too many photos I had acquired in 2014 and picked out ones that symbolize some of the things I hope to get more of in 2015. I want to restate that these are NOT resolutions or goals or anything else that will mean that I have failed in some way if they don't happen. They are wishes. And when wishes come true it is a wonderful thing. And if they don't - well, not all wishes come true. It just happens like that sometimes.

These are listed in no particular order or level of importance. That would require planning and forethought which just doesn't happen that often.

In 2015 I wish for:
The chance to try more microbrews and craft beers and hopefully log them in my Untpped App so that I have a half of a chance of remembering whether I liked them or not!! My aim (notice I did NOT say goal) is not so much to consume large volumes of beer, but rather to try lots of varieties because I really do enjoy them. I blame/thank my German heritage for this.
 More of each of these. My kids - all of them together. 
 More time with extended family. 
 More holding hands with my husband. Especially in church. I love that he holds my hand in church.
 More chances to mix fun AND fitness with the people I love.

More goofy selfies from my girls on my cellphone. I never know just what I might find amongst my photos when they "borrow" my phone, but it almost never fails to make me smile and shake my head.
 I hope I let myself stop and smell the flowers - and take a picture more often. These were just really pretty that day.
 More pictures with this guy. My goal is to get one where he is NOT making a goofy face. It is not an easy task to accomplish.

I hope to keep getting better at doing a "real" backbend. My youngest daughter, who is an accomplished gymnast at 10 years old, is working with me patiently. I keep telling her that she should NEVER STOP doing them or she will end up like me in thirty years. 


More time with Bibles and Beer. Frankly they are both good for my soul and when I combine them it is only that much better.

More movie nights with the family. Curtis especially loves romantic comedies.
More family trips. The kids are excited beyond belief.
More pictures of this guy. I know I already said that but I have to keep trying to catch him when he is not making that goofy smile!!
More gold at the end of the end of the rainbow.
More of Tennessee. Because that is where these two have landed. 
More fun with my husband. 
More chances to kiss my husband.
Definitely more dancing with my husband.
More catching up with old friends. It is true that time goes by faster the older I get.
More fun with family and friends. This was truly The. Best. Day. Ever.
More fun and fellowship with my Youth at church.
More fun and fellowship at church period.
More hugs. LOTS more hugs.
More coffee. Yes. We have TWO coffee makers in our house. It is almost enough to get us through.
More writing. On this blog. To friends and family. Just for myself. It makes me happy and less crazy. That is a good thing for me AND my loved ones.

Wishing you more of what makes life worthwhile for you as well in 2015!

'Til Next Time.
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