Wednesday, March 11, 2015

For My Guy - on our 5th Month-Aversary #LeanInTogether

I read this blog post earlier written by Dr. Kelly Flannigan titled: Manning Up and Leaning In to a Truly Equal Marriage.  It had to be a God-thing to have it drop into my Inbox today because I had been trying to think of something to write about for my and My Guy's 5th Month-Aversary. I started celebrating them last month. Why did I not celebrate months 1, 2 or 3 you ask? Well, because that is how I roll. I come up with great ideas AFTER the fact and even then it can take awhile for any action to follow through. We will see how many of these I get around to. But today I am celebrating 5 months of marriage - AND my second in a row Month-Aversary post. WooHoo!!!! Dr. Flannigan writes one of my favorite blogs called Untangled and wrote a fantastic little book called The Marriage Manifesto: Turning Your World Upside Down. I discovered it when I was preparing to get married for 2nd time. It is worth every word - and it is FREE. I am pretty sure any budget can handle that.
He loves to grill. And I love that he loves to cook. #willwashdishesforfood
Anywhoooo - back to the blog I read this morning. I would venture it is a safe bet that My Guy has never even heard of the #LeanInTogether campaign. Of course, after this post comes out that is likely to change. Regardless, I am blessed to have a husband who lives out the ideals of #LeanInTogether every single day. He has always been willing to step in and take part in every aspect of sharing our life together. We both work more than full-time outside the home which means that it takes both of us working just as much inside the home. Between us we get the dishes and the laundry done and the grocery shopping and the cooking and  the nagging the kids and on and on. In the yard he loves taking care of the lawn while I prefer to putter in the garden. Together we have five daughters. As crazy as it sounds to some folks he has never felt his life was incomplete because he never had a son. He has never felt there was anything he could not/would not do with them because they were girls. He goes shopping with them. He talks hair color and clothing styles with them. Our youngest prefers to have him help brush out her long gorgeous hair because, "He is more gentle than you, Mom." He encourages them to explore and discover who they are as individuals. And he is their biggest fan at every activity they choose to participate in be it Ag Issues or volleyball or archery or dance or weight get the picture.
Here you go - this is my and My Guy's hearts walking around outside of our bodies. #parenting
I also know that he is my biggest supporter of anything I choose to do personally or professionally. It still floors me to share life with someone whose greatest wish is for me to be happy. What the heck do you with someone like that?  Seriously. I love that I can go to him and share my dreams that may seem a little silly - like a write a blog that is usually only read by my sister. Or the dream of considering a change of profession which might mean a change in my hours which could mean a change in how and where he helps take care of our kids and house and all. Or the dream of learning to play the guitar because that would just be really cool, right? It doesn't matter what I may dream about he has never said "No - that would be silly or a waste of time or it would be inconvenient." I hear those phrases all the time - usually from my own head. My husband tells me to go for it. Yep. That is it. "Go for it, Kathy. We will figure it out together."
Looking up the manual for a pre-owned grilling microwave we got. There really are people who ACTUALLY read those things. 
I try to be intentional about letting him know how much I appreciate sharing life with someone who truly embraces what being a partner is all about. He is always surprised when I do just that. As if to ask, "Why are you making a big deal out of something that is perfectly normal?" Because for him it is perfectly normal. 
I think there is truth to the idea that guys that are good to their own moms treat other women in their lives very well.
I just have to add here that there are many other men in my life who embrace what #LeanInTogether encourages. My dad is one. My brother is another. I know several others. I think because of them I was drawn to a man who has similar characteristics. I could go on ad-nauseum about all the ways he makes a good partner. But I won't ..... at least not much more. My Guy is my best-friend and lover and a true partner. And I am grateful every single day for him. 

I love you, Curtis. Happy Month-Aversary.