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Me and my Kati
Anyone else struggle with knowing what to say on these pages? Or is it just me? Uggggg.

Anyways, a fair warning. This description is likely to change so if you visit here more than once and things don't seem familiar it is my fault. I tend to write something and then quite often will later get "inspired" by a different idea. That is the nice thing about this being MY blog. I can do whatever I want. There are not many other places I have that much freedom. So, I will enjoy it here.

Who am I? I am in my late 40's. How the heck that happened I have no idea. I am divorced. Aanndd.... married again to a wonderful man. I love being married, but it did not magically take away the fact that I had to somehow NOT be married to my first-husband (in this case through a divorce) in order for my second marriage to happen. Funny how that works, eh? Together we have 5 daughters - I brought three with me to our blended family and my husband brought two. One of my daughters chose to add a son-in-law to the mix. I have primary custody of my kids and he has visitation with his. It gets awkward and chaotic and messy and frustrating. But it is part of who we are and we are learning to find the beauty as we witness love grow to encompass all of the parts of our quirky family. 

I started this blog a looonngggg time ago because I have always loved to write. And sometimes I just get thoughts in my head that won't go away until I write them down. The ideas are random and erratic. Obviously family and relationship changes and challenges are great fodder for topics. I also think a lot about God and life and coffee and mis-matched socks. And I have no discipline as to WHEN I write them down. Sometimes I write things that no one else will ever see. Other times I pester friends with emails because they would insist on living far enough away that we can't sit down and drink coffee or wine or whatever and just talk in person. And sometimes I post them on this blog on the off chance that someone else might see it and perhaps have that, "Me, too!" moment that sparks a connection.

Thank you for stopping by my Korner!!

'Til Next Time.
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